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Psychedelic Readings: A Cosy Evening of Book Readings


Join us at Kali psychedelic café and bookshop; settle down with a nice cup of exotic tea and let us take you for a ride through psychedelic history. We'll be reading extracts from psychedelic books written by everyone from Tim Leary to Rasa Gustaitis.

Self-proclaimed experts will be on hand to answer all your psychedelic questions or to give you space to share your own ideas and feelings.

This event is co-hosted by Kali Psychedelic Bookshop and The German Psychedelic Society

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Seminar: Microdosing Psychedelics - with Paul Austin

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Microdosing is becoming increasingly popular on a global scale, in all facets of society.

From Silicon Valley to the living room, people have been experimenting with and reporting remarkable benefits from microdosing: taking sub-perceptual doses of LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. Rather than a full trip, the microdose experience can result in higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, improved relational skills, and reduction in anxiety. 

Paul Austin, founder of The Third Wave, will cover the very basics of microdosing psychedelics, why it has become a hot new trend, and the potential benefits and risks.

There will be a Q&A-session after the talk, and we are also open to people sharing some of their own experiences with microdosing. 

16:00 Opening
16:05 Presentation by Paul Austin
17:15 Q&A and discussion
18:00 End of event



Read more about microdosing:
From The Hustle:

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From the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/07/style/microdosing-lsd-ayelet-waldman-michael-chabon-marriage.html

Microdosing Infographic: 


Greifswalder Str 23A

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Lecture: Dr. Robin Carthart-Harris




Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris is considered one of todays leading scientist on psychedelics. The German Psychedelic Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Carhart-Harris will give a talk about his research November 24th in Berlin. 

LOCATION: To be announced

Carhart-Harris designed and coordinated the first fMRI and MEG research with psilocybin and LSD, the first resting-state fMRI research with MDMA and the first clinical trial to investigate a psychedelic (psilocybin) in the treatment of depression. He has close to 40 published papers (over 20 are ‘first author’ papers, including papers in PNAS (x2), Lancet Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry and Brain) and he is increasingly publishing as senior author (e.g.Current Biology, Human Brain Mapping (x3)). His research has been featured in major national and international media (e.g. The New Yorker, BBC Newsnight, TIME and CNN)


Robin has been conducting pioneering brain imaging studies of psychedelic drugs. Most recently, he has completed the first phase of a clinical trial looking at the potential of psilocybin to treat depression, and his talk looks at how these drugs can be used in treatment.


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Healing Yourself: MDMA therapy without a therapist / Beyond Psychedelics 2016

Our board member Phoenix Kaspian will be giving a talk about MDMA-therapy at Beyond Psychedelics in Prague this October.

Phoenix Kaspian is an artist and musician based in Berlin. He is also part of a decentralised network of individuals who support psychedelic therapy outside the boundaries of the traditional clinical or shamanic models. A survivor of sexual abuse in childhood, Phoenix’s own journey through trauma has spanned from conventional psychoanalysis in western cities, to experiences with the shamanic cultures of the Amazon jungle; somatic experiencing; then to LSD, and finally to MDMA therapy. Phoenix is a proponent of leaderless, community-led healing, free from the expense and hierarchy of the old ‘patient’ and ‘therapist’ or ‘shamanic’ paradigms.


Healing Yourself: MDMA therapy without a therapist


"Psychedelics saved me from depression, anxiety, and suicide. As a child, growing up in London, I was beaten and sexually abused at home, in church, and at school. This same crime was committed against many thousands of children across the UK, and millions across the world. I treated the resultant complex-PTSD using a combination of therapies including conventional psychoanalysis, ayahuasca, ibogaine, San Pedro cactus and somatic experiencing. But it was not until I discovered low-dose LSD and MDMA therapies that I was able to get to the root causes of the trauma, and finally release decades of fear and anger. This was done outside a clinical setting; with educated friends. In healing, I found that others with similar trauma naturally gravitated towards me; and others towards them. This is the story of how a growing community of abuse survivors are now using LSD and MDMA outside of the traditional clinical or shamanic model. It’s about how we are teaching each other to heal; without leaders; without ceremony; without clinics; without government endorsement. This is the story of organic, de-centralised self-healing. Authors, including Florence Rush, Alice Miller, Judith Herman and Louise Armstrong, state that sexual violence against children may be as high as one in every three women in the general population. It is therefore no surprise that society outlaws its own cure. Society allowed the abuse of children to happen on a massive scale. I belong to a group of survivors who no longer require permission from any authority figure or organisation to heal using psychedelics. Authority and hierarchy and power are the very causes of our traumas. Many survivors do not have the money or resources to wait for legalization. I’m here to speak out for them, and to explain a new protocol for MDMA therapy without a therapist."

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